Gran Pecador

Chico Trujillo

Gran Pecador (The Great Sinner) was a few years in the making with tracks recorded in Santiago, Valparaiso and Brooklyn (at the famed Daptone studio). The album is the culmination of an extraordinary ten years of music. While their first few albums were party records heavy with covers of Colombian and Chilean dance classics, singer Aldo “Macha” Asenjo and other band members contribute most of the tracks on Gran Pecador.

The album includes the participation of a number of significant special guests. From Nueva Cancion heroes and exiles Inti Illimani (in La Fiesta de San Benito) to 60’s Chilean band Sonero Palacios (in Negra Santa), contemporary brass band Banda Commocion (in Gran Pecador) and Angel Parra (Violeta’s son) in Caleta Vargas. The various guests help to tell the story of a new Chile in touch with its past yet firmly rooted in today’s and tomorrow’s celebrations.

Chico Trujillo is firmly established in Chile, and they have been making serious inroads in the rest of South America, the US and Europe where they have toured ceaselessly in the past few years.

It became obvious a while back that Cumbia was fast turning into South America’s new rock and roll. It looks like Chico Trujillo may help bring the trend to the US and Europe and transform cumbia into an all-powerful international movement.

With Gran Pecador, Chico Trujillo is ready to conquer the Anglo world. Indie rockers had better brush up on their Spanish, because that is what they will soon be singing in.

Chico Trujillo is Juan “Livianito” Gronemeyer (drums and percussion), Michael Magliocchetti (guitar and vocals), “Tuto” Vargas (bass), Aldo “Macha” Asenjo (guitar and vocals), Sebastián “Zorra” Cabezas (trumpet), Tío Rodi (percussion), “Pepe” Michael (sax), Luis “Oso” Tabilo (trombone) and Joselo Osses (keyboard).