Barbes Records celebrates the tenth anniversary of The Roots of Chicha with the release of a remix of  Psychedelic Cumbia legends Los Wembler’s de Iquitos by Meridian Brothers.

The release of the Roots of Chicha, in 2007, introduced the world to Peruvian Psychedelic cumbia, a genre until then confined to the poorer neighborhoods of Lima and the Amazon. Chicha’s particular blend of psych rock, surf, Afro-Latin rhythms and indigenous melodies proved to be particularly appealing – to many, it became the missing link between Rock and Latin music. After a nearly thirty year absence, Los Wembler’s have recorded a brand new EP: Ikaro del Amor and will be embarking on an international tour.

Colombian Musician Eblis Alvarez (aka Meridian Brothers) has remixed two of their tracks : “Ikaro del Amor” and “Dos Amores” available as a 7” single.