Live at Barbès

A performance by ORZ at their home venue, Barbès. Featuring Joshua Camp (accordion, piano, vocals), Michael Hearst (theremin, claviola, guitar, vocals), Timothy Quigley (drums), Ian Riggs (bass), Ben Holmes (trumpet), and special guests vocalist Hanna Cheek and Olivier Conan.

 One Ring Zero’s latest release–a live performance at the band’s home-venue, Barbès–features songs spanning their six-album career, including several from their acclaimed lit-rock album “As Smart As We Are,” with lyrics written for the band by Paul Auster, Michael Chabon, Margaret Atwood, and Denis Johnson, among others. For people who have only heard the multi-layered studio albums created by Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp, this is the perfect opportunity to hear what the band sounds like live. Featuring Hearst (claviola, theremin, guitar, vocals), Camp (accordion,piano, vocals), Timothy Quigley (drums and percussion), Ian Riggs (bass), and Ben Holmes (trumpet, flugelhorn), plus guest vocals by Hanna Cheek and Olivier Conan.